Canine Justice Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our slogan is “Adopt-Educate-Advocate”. Our website is loaded with information to help you understand what goes on in dog shelters and the animal rescue world. We are here to inform you as well as provide services from Homeless Dog Matchmaking, Education Outreach Programs and Behavioral Rehabilitation. We are based in The Greater Cincinnati Area.

If you are looking for a dog, let CJN do it for you! We offer a personalized homeless dog matchmaking service. Millions of dogs are in shelters and urgently need homes. When you adopt, you save a life and gain a friend! This is a free service. Go to the services menu and click on
Homeless Dog Matchmaking.

Having problems with your dog’s behavior? Can’t figure out house training or is your dog dragging you down the street when you walk? No problem, with CJN’s
Behavioral Rehabilitation, we come to you and work on your dog’s problems. Go to the services menu and click on Behavioral Rehabilitation.

Are you a High School Senior or College Student? Want to learn more about dogs and Humane Education? CJN offers a program where we go to local Schools & College Campuses with our
Education Outreach Program. Simply go to our services menu to learn more or sign up. Click on Education Outreach Program.

Canine Justice Network runs solely on donations from good people like you. If you can’t currently adopt or foster a dog right now, please consider making a donation. Without you we couldn’t provide any of our services. Please go to the side menu and click Donate Now.

We hope that you will explore all the pages on this site. There will be some information that you may already know. There will definitely be a lot of information that will shock you and open your eyes. Thank you for visiting Canine Justice Network.

Canine Justice Network is always in great need of donations. We are a non-profit organization and depend on donations to keep CJN going. Many people don’t realize the costs involved in this type of organization.

Any amount helps and with Paypal it’s very easy to donate!

Come visit us on Facebook for all the latest CJN news, updates, photos & events. 

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