The Eric Decter Memorial Fund is set up to help Pit Bulls through any and every way possible; from medical costs to transportation costs from shelter to rescue. If there is a Pit Bull in need of any help that we can financially give, this fund makes that possible.

Eric Decter was a loving, compassionate friend to CJN and so many others. Eric was a strong supporter of Canine Justice Network and had made contributions in the past to help us save dogs from death row. Eric was most passionate about bully breeds, specifically Pit Bulls. He had 2 Pit Bulls of his own, Boz & Mia. Eric was a responsible dog owner and he didn’t hold back when he saw someone who wasn’t. Eric was a true advocate. He treated his dogs with compassion & intelligence. He knew the breed and knew what they required. He was very proud of his dogs and always thought it amusing when others unfamiliar to Pit Bulls thought of them as “vicious”. Eric would teach others that all dogs are simply a product of how they are raised and there is no such thing as an entire breed of vicious dogs.

Sadly and tragically, Eric’s candle burned out way too soon. Eric Decter passed away on September 19th, 2016 at the incredibly young age of 31. In memory of Eric we have started this memorial fund because we know Eric wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The thought that he can still help save lives & impact lives even after his passing, is comforting in it’s own right.

Eric was our friend and we miss him terribly. With this Memorial Fund we can honor his memory and take such a crushing negative and put a bit of positivity into it. Whether you knew Eric or not, if you make a contribution to this Fund, 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping Pit Bulls. If it’s getting a Pit Bull updated on shots or paying for a spay/neuter, this fund will help.

Eric Decter
Eric Decter
June 23rd, 1985
September 19th, 2016
Always in our hearts

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