Why Foster a Dog?

Many times we have the funds available to save a dog from Death Row at a kill shelter but cannot. The reason we can't always do this is due to a lack of foster homes in our area.

Having money to get a dog from a shelter and get he/she the proper medical attention and vaccines is one thing but without a place for the dog to go, we are helpless.

That is why being a foster Mom, Dad or family is definitely one of the single biggest life-saving factors. When you foster a dog, you are directly saving it's life!

Groups like ours completely rely on foster homes for our pets since we do not have a shelter/facility to house them in.

Why foster a dog? Because without you, they have no place to go. We ALWAYS need foster homes, we need you but more importantly the dogs need you!

What does it take to be a Foster family?

Being a foster family to a homeless dog is a great experience. You get the opportunity to save the life of a homeless or abused dog. It's also very simple.

There are ALWAYS dogs in shelters that we can get out and into safety if we have a foster home for them to go to.

We pay for ALL the vetting costs that the dog needs as well as food. All you have to do is take the dog to the specified Veterinarian appointments. We ask that you provide daily walks for the dog and participate in the individualized training for the dog you are caring for. We will provide some toys,collars and leashes for the dog.

We are there for you all the way. We help you with any/all behavior issues should any arise.

How long will I be fostering?

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long any dog will be in a foster home until he/she gets adopted. This is why we can only accept foster families that have absolutely no time limit for fostering. Some dogs can be in foster as short as a couple weeks, while others can be in foster homes for several months. We do our best to find homes quickly but we will not settle for a home due to foster family time constraints. If you want to foster a dog keep in mind that we do not guarantee a time frame for a dog to be adopted into it's forever home.

What if my family gets attached to the dog & we want to keep him/her?

This happens all the time. We strongly discourage adopting the 1st dog you foster. The reason for this is because fostering is meant to be temporary and by allowing the dog to go to his/her new forever home, you can potentially bring in another dog to foster. This saves more lives than if you kept the foster dog. When you adopt a foster dog you are less likely to foster again. If you absolutely cannot live without your foster dog becoming your own, we can most likely work something out.

I want to Foster but I'm worried my kids will be too sad when the dog gets adopted. What should I do?

This is a concern that we hear ever day. We actually see this as a very important lesson for children. The lesson here is that nothing in life is forever. We will lose pets, friends and ultimately parents. We believe children can grow stronger in appreciating the things and meaningful people/animals in their life right now through fostering.

The other lesson is this: When you foster a dog and then that dog get's adopted, it frees up your home to bring another foster dog in. So every time you are fostering a dog that gets adopted, you are saving another dog's life! Once you explain this to your children it makes it easier for them to let the dogs go into their new forever home. It also doesn't hurt to remind yourself too.

What kind of dog will I get if I decide to Foster?

When you fill out our Pre-Adoption Application (we use this for foster families too) you can specify breeds you are open too. We will do our best to match you with the breed you selected or a breed that is close. We generally get dogs that are mixed breed and are the first to be euthanized in the shelters. So we usually send you over several photos of different dogs in these scenarios and let you pick one, based on other information too. Age and sex of the dog is done the same way. If you are use to a certain breed, say German Shepherds and you have a lot of experience with them then that is what we will match you with. Same goes for all other breeds.

What are the qualifications to Foster a Dog?

You must be over 21 years of age or older, own your home or condo. Some renters may be approved depending on renter's guidelines. A fully fenced in area if you have a yard, is STRONGLY preferred, NO invisible fences! You need to live within 45 minutes of zip code 45215. All other dogs in your home must be spayed/neutered. A home with other animals that have aggression issues will not be permitted to foster a dog. You must be willing to walk the dog daily and keep up with our training program as well as take the dog to his/her Veterinarian visits should they be needed. A home visit to your house is required to make sure all guidelines are met. Also you will need to sign our Foster Home contract.

I already have a pet(s) what if I get a Foster Dog & he/she doesn't get along with my pets or vice versa?

This is an issue we will almost guarantee to avoid before placing you with a foster dog. Obviously we want to keep the dogs we are saving safe as well as yours too. We require a home visit before we match you with a foster dog. Part of this visit is spent getting to know your pets if you have any. We make sure to introduce the foster dog to your pets first. We do not just give you a dog and send you on your way, we are very much here with you throughout the fostering process.

I have read all the info, now I want to Foster! How do I sign up? How soon until I can get a dog to foster?

First things first, make sure that you have discussed fostering a pet with ALL members of your family. Make sure everyone is on the same page. It is very rewarding and life-saving to foster a dog and equally a large undertaking. If you have read all of our info and have talked to all family members and you are ready, go to the top navigation bar and click on Pre-Adoption Application. Make sure you fill out each field. Please note in the Comments/Questions area that you are wanting to foster.

Once you have been approved to be a Foster home for a homeless/abused dog, it can take us a matter of 1 day to 1 week to get a dog into your home. This is why we ask that you only submit an application for fostering when you are absolutely ready to foster.

Thank you for reading about fostering a homeless dog. We are ALWAYS in great need for foster homes and we really need your help. Please apply today to become a foster family and save a dog's life! If you have any further questions please click on the Contact Us page and email us your questions or call.


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