CJN Rescue Program

Canine Justice Network is not a full-time dog rescue. However, we do run a small rescue program. We have limited foster homes for dogs that are in need of rescue as well as funds to get the proper veterinarian care. When we are able and have the funds available, we do take in dogs for our
rescue program. The available dogs that are in CJN’s care, can be seen here at and also on
Keep in mind that we do not always have dogs in our rescue program. If you are looking to adopt a dog, please use our free
Homeless Dog Matchmaking Service.

Our rescue program is designed to help the most urgent of dogs and puppies. We always try to save the dogs that are in high kill shelters first. If you are not aware of kill shelters and why dogs are euthanized, please visit the
Overpopulation and Forms of Euthanasia pages. We DO NOT take in owner surrenders! CJN is dedicated to saving lives and that is why we only take in dogs that are in the most imminent of circumstances. If you are thinking of giving up your dog, please visit our Behavioral Rehabilitation page.

We are always in need of monetary donations to assist our rescue efforts. Here are just a few examples of what donations are used for in our
rescue program: gas money to transport dogs from kill shelters to safety. Money for veterinarian bills i.e. vaccinations, spay/neuter etc. Also Supplies for puppies such as potty pads and bleach. If you can help and would like to make a donation, please go to our Donate Now page. Every penny that we get is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you can’t donate, how about becoming a foster parent to an urgent dog? CJN pays for all the medical bills, you just pay for the food! If you are interested in becoming a foster, fill out a
Pre-adoption application. If you would like more information on foster homes, please go to the contact us page and leave us your info.

Together with your help, we can all save lives!

Canine Justice Network is always in great need of donations. We are a non-profit organization and depend on donations to keep CJN going. Many people don’t realize the costs involved in this type of organization.

Any amount helps and with Paypal it’s very easy to donate!

Come visit us on Facebook for all the latest CJN news, updates, photos & events. 

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