About Us

Canine Justice Network was founded in October, 2008 by Natasha Madison & Debbie Cummings. We began CJN once our eyes were opened to the great atrocities the dogs in this country face everyday. Canine Justice Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Canine Justice Network is a free service that matches potential adopters with shelter and rescue dogs. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please click here for our
matchmaking page. We also offer other services such as:

We believe that ALL dogs deserve a chance at life. Canine Justice Network acts as a voice for the voiceless. We advocate for the breeds that are handed such bad reputations for no other reason than to have a scapegoat for humanities shortcomings.

We preach animal adoption and spay/neuter to help end the killing of thousands of shelter pets daily. Equipped with an arsenal of educational tools to open the eyes and ears of the public, CJN shares profound information on many topics to open the doors for change.

Canine Justice Network is a small group of volunteers. Each of us is dedicated to making the adoption process easier as well as being Humane Educators. We are your friends, neighbors & co-workers. We consider our members “Family”, and by working together, we hope that you will consider us family as well. Here at CJN we believe strongly that "Anyone can save a life."  By each of us doing our part such as: spaying/neutering our pets, adopting from shelters/rescues and keeping our pets, we are all making a difference.  The information on this website is extremely vital and we feel that the pet overpopulation problem is the single largest yet most avoided problem in our country.  We welcome you to explore our site and learn as much as you can. 

Our mission is to help educate the public and save as many dogs from euthanasia as we can.

Canine Justice Network is always in great need of donations. We are a non-profit organization and depend on donations to keep CJN going. Many people don’t realize the costs involved in this type of organization.

Any amount helps and with Paypal it’s very easy to donate!

Come visit us on Facebook for all the latest CJN news, updates, photos & events. 

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