What is a puppy mill?

Puppy Mills are usually warehouses, barns or even backyards that hold an astounding number of dogs at a time. They are all usually kept in very small wire cages that can stack up to 10 cages high. Usually there are 2-4 dogs per tiny cage. The conditions in these "dog factories" are absolutely unimaginable. The dogs are forced to live their entire life in these cages. Never to be caressed by a human, allowed to walk in the grass or even see the sunshine outdoors. The dogs can be laden with multiple diseases or injuries that never get medical treatment that they need. They lay day in and day out in their own urine and feces. If the cages are stacked several high, they are forced to have the dogs above them defecate and urinate on them as well.

The females are bred constantly until they die or cannot produce puppies any more. Then they are usually shot or given whatever drug is available to die of an overdose. Of course money is the driving force behind puppy mills. For farmers, a big crop of dogs can gross up to $500,000 annually, with successful operations netting six figures. These dogs sole purpose in life is to breed. The puppies born are ripped away from their mother, as young as 4 weeks old, packed several to a crate and transported in horrible conditions to pet stores all over the country. These are the cute little puppies you see in pet stores. These puppies tend to almost always have major health problems, as a result of their parents health, poor breeding practices and detestable living conditions.

A vast majority of the people that own and operate puppy mills are the Amish. This is in no way a prejudice but a mere fact. They see dogs as livestock. Not as man's best friend, or even creatures with feelings.

How you can help?

  • Do not buy a dog from a pet store

  • Boycott buying supplies from stores that sell dogs

  • Boycott all Amish product

  • Donate. Donate to your local shelter or rescue. Also the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA do a lot of work to stop puppy mills

  • Tell others. Inform your family and friends. Do not assume that everyone knows about puppy mills and similar issues. Share this website with everyone you know. It does more than you think.

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