Forms Of Euthanasia

Gas Chamber
When you hear or see the words Gas Chamber you are immediately reminded of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Well this is not humans but it is the same for dogs. Rarely is just one dog at a time put in the gas chamber. Usually 5 to 15 and more at a time. This is in no way a humane death. The dogs tend to urinate and defecate on themselves as the poison gets into their little bodies. You can hear cries and howls as they suffocate. It takes some time before the dog is killed. This allows the dog to become very frightened and anxious. They struggle very hard to get out and survive. However, it is somewhat common for dogs to survive the terrifying gas chamber. Of course they suffer major damage. Usually they survive just to be locked back in yet again. This form of Euthanasia is more common than you may think. In fact here in Ohio it is still used. In some states it is illegal, as it should be. Please visit the link below and read the story of a man that puts dogs in the Gas Chamber.

Heart Stake, Heart Stick or Heart Staking
Heart Staking is not something you have probably heard before. It is exactly what it's name refers to. A stick of some kind is stabbed straight into the dogs heart. Other times it's a shot stuck directly into the heart. This form of Euthanasia is only talked about in secret. It is so barbaric that this is probably the only website you will find it on. Information about Heart Staking is very slim due to it's inhumane nature. Heart Staking is also still used here in Ohio. Several shelters go as far as pulling a dog out of it's pen and will heart stake the dog in front of the other dogs.

Many areas use guns to kill dogs as means to Euthanize. This may seem like a quick painless death. It's not. Dogs can be shot numerous times before dying. Shooting to the head often results in a miss, shooting out an eye, an ear, or a jaw. These dogs suffer tremendously through pain and fear. Shooting dogs is very common.

This form of Euthanasia is performed under the radar and in other countries as well. Dog fighters also use this form to kill the "losers" after a match. Electrocution is done in several ways. Most frequently using a car battery. The dog is connected to the car battery by jumper cables. The electricity is then passed to the dog, killing them. This is a very inhumane and horribly painful way to die. In Mexico it is used as a way to control the overpopulation problem.

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