Uncensored Dog Abuse

Here you will find highly graphic photos of dogs that have been violently abused and tortured. We hope these photos will help open your eyes and send awareness to all. You will not want to look at these but we urge you to try. Awareness is everything and you will not want to turn your back from dog abuse once you have seen these.
Stabbed to death and left on the side of the road
unknown breed
This dog was so neglected that it's breed is almost impossible to decipher
Anne, a three-year-old beagle, is pictured after being skinned alive in 2007. She was euthanized shortly after this photo was taken.
This puppy was found expertly, almost surgically, cut open — clearly a human assault
4 month old puppy stabbed, spray-painted, found in plastic bag.
This is Sunny her owner had placed the chain around her neck so tightly that it had grown into her skin. She is healed now after being adopted from a shelter.
This is Smokey, thankfully he is healthy now and happy with his new family. That's the power of adoption!

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