Breed Specific Legislation

What is it?
Breed-specific legislation (BSL), is any law, ordinance or policy which pertains to a specific dog breed or breeds. This term is most commonly used to refer to legal restrictions or prohibitions on the breeding and ownership of certain breeds. Pit Bulls are most commonly banned by BSL. Also Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and others to name a few.

Why BSL?
The thought process behind this is to "protect" the public from these "evil, dangerous, dogs". Of course this is completely ridiculous and holds no fact whatsoever. These people believe that whole breeds are dangerous. A dog's temperament has some to do with it's breed. I will give you that. The most important aspect to what makes a dog's temperament/personality, is the person or persons who own it and the way they raise it. Not the breed itself. In fact BSL is unconstitutional.

What do they Do?
What a lot of people don't know is if you are found with say a German Shepherd and you are in a BSL city or county, your dog can be killed on spot. The other frightening side is that your dog can look like a BSL dog and they can kill/confiscate it. For example: Let's say you have a Labrador, surprisingly enough some could confuse it with a "Pit-Bull-Type-Dog". 'Pit Bull' is a term used to describe several different kinds of terriers, and there is no consensus on what a "Pit Bull" actually is. The term "Pit-Bull-Type-Dog" has been used to describe over ten completely different breeds, including Bulldogs, Boxers, Akitas, Chows and Bull Mastiffs. So your Labrador could be confiscated or killed because it looks like or has been confused with a "Pit-Bull-Type-Dog". Scary thought isn't it?

What you can do?
To help end BSL and the horrors that accompany it, you can help spread the word. Educate someone you know on BSL. You would be surprised how few people know of it. You can also call and or write our local representatives. Here is a site that let's you find BSL info about your specific area.

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