The Ellcessor Family and Preston
The Ellcessor Family & Preston
Preston came into our life by chance and most likely fate. We were originally interested in adopting/fostering Preston early on in his time with Canine Justice Network. Unfortunately, we were unable to take him and he was just not ready for our situation. Some time later, I saw Preston was in need of a new foster home and was still looking for his forever home. Our situation was changing very soon, moving into a bigger home with a fenced in yard, and we were possibly going to be able to help Mr. Preston out. I contacted Natasha while I was in Mississippi with the military and told her we were interested in Preston still. She setup a home visit and Preston never left! He hit it off with our female Shepherd (Sig) right away and they have been best friends since. The miniature dachshund (Peanut) is in charge and Preston respects him. We couldn’t ask for a better dog in Preston and he makes us laugh everyday.

If anyone is familiar with Preston’s story, he started off with a hard life. At six months old he was saved by CJN the day before he was suppose to be euthanized. He was covered in mange and had two broken back legs. The big guy didn’t have much going for him. But luckily, he met Natasha and Debbie and now you would have never thought he came from where he did, minus the scars.

Preston enjoys his large backyard on sunny days, playing with Sig throughout the house, licking your face off every chance he gets, and lying in the sun. I’d say the big man can finally relax and we are happy to give him the life he so deserves.

We want to thank Natasha and Debbie at CJN for everything they did for Preston and we couldn’t ask for anything more. They made the adoption process along with the dog introductions seamless. Thank You!
Casey and Nate Ellcessor
Fairfield Township, Ohio
March 31st, 2013

The Hampton Family and Diesel
Dog Behaviorist Natasha Madison
working with Diesel
The Hampton Family & Diesel
We were having issues with our 200 pound St. Bernard Diesel growling at our one year old. I called our veterinarians office to see if they knew of any St. Bernard rescue or adoption agency’s to help find Diesel a home. They gave me Natasha’s information. When I first called and Natasha explained she thought she could fix the problem, I expected the price to be way out of range! I was shocked about the affordability. We set up a home visit and after the very first visit I noticed a difference not only in Diesel’s behavior, but also in my yappy obstinate Chihuahua! We (the husband and I) had a few new ground rules to follow and worked to make our son the leader of the pack; as a result both of our dogs were behaving better. We also started Diesel on Glucosamine after Natasha recommended it due to Diesel being diagnosed with Arthritis. He is getting around much better and no longer growls at the baby. It has been a few months and all of us are getting along better and I feel like I have control in my house again!!! Whenever the bad behavior starts I know exactly how to fix it and 99.99% of the time it’s us (the people) getting lax and not following the rules! It was an easy fix and saved us from having to get rid of a beloved pet!

The Hamptons
Cincinnati, Ohio
February 1st, 2013

Jocelyn & Hubbell
The Chatterjee Family & Shiloh
Ever since I came to the US to pursue my graduate studies in 1999, I wanted to adopt a dog. In December 2011, I had just returned from a trip to India where I had visited my father who has been in fragile health for quite a few years.
Back in Cincinnati, I was depressed and lonesome and the urge to hug a furry friend overwhelmed me. Growing up in India, I had two dogs and always believed that I had a special talent with pets. Boy was I wrong about that! I flipped through several application forms online and wanted to adopt every dog I saw on the rescue shelter pages. After hours of browsing, I found the Homeless Dog Matchmaking service and filled out the application form from Canine Justice Network (CJN) and was very impressed with the detailed information that was being sought in the form. I had to carefully state my reasons for adopting a pet, provide official permission from my landlord and also had to submit the names and contact of three references. Filing out the form forced me to reflect on how important this decision was. Nervous as well as excited, I called CJN to follow up on my request and a female voice answered reassuring me that my application would be considered promptly. Natasha contacted me within a day and sent me a link with some possible choices of dogs that would fit my lifestyle. I fell in love at first glance. Shiloh strongly resembled my first dog that our family had growing up in India. Thrilled and shaking with excitement, I could barley speak when I called Natasha back with my decision. She was calm and friendly and wanted to meet me and my husband before proceeding with the adoption. I was quite intrigued about what she wanted to discuss with us since I felt that I knew all about living with dogs and all dogs seemed to take a liking to me.
Meeting and talking to Natasha was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. She spent close to three hours talking and discussing with us about the momentous change that was to take place in our lives. Her commitment and sincerity to the cause of animal rescue was heart warming and inspiring and I immediately felt that I could trust her with any question or concern that I had. She introduced us to her two wonderful dogs, Jazz & Tyson and made us practice walking them.
We brought Shiloh home on Jan 1st, 2012. It was the best New Year gift that I have ever received. Although I had played out the moment many times in my mind, I had not predicted how nervous I would be when I actually had Shiloh in front of me. He was beautiful- a lab retriever + pit bull mix, snow white, with the cutest expression and warmest eyes. He looked scared and anxious when we got him and suddenly all my experiences of living with dogs seemed so inadequate. Panicking, I called CJN and Debbie answered and calmed me down with her reassuring talk and instructions. Shiloh has now been with us for seventy days and not one day goes by when we don't marvel at our luck and value the love and warmth that he has brought into our lives. He has a very sweet temperament and is rambunctious and naughty, but with Natasha and Debbie's help we are training him to be disciplined. I have called CJN numerous times, and Natasha and Debbie have always patiently listened to my questions and answered with tips and suggestions. They have visited our home twice already and spent long hours helping us train Shiloh in his home environment. All my friends have been astounded to hear about their sincerity and dedication to this cause. It is so heartening to know that they are always there to help us out. Shiloh has brought us such happiness, and is disciplining and training us in turn. Thank You CJN for bringing Shiloh into our lives!
Anuradha & Anup Chatterjee
Cincinnati, Ohio
March 10th, 2012

Jocelyn & Hubbell
Patricia Ford & Dakota
My name is Patricia Ford and I have a small chow rescue in the Metro Detroit area. Dakota is a chow chow I rescued from North Carolina on August 16, 2010. I saw Dakota who looked so incredibly sad in his shelter picture on death row and was to be heart stuck the following morning and he had zero interest from any rescues or adopters to save him. I stayed up all night arranging to get him from the shelter, vetting and transportation to get him to me in Michigan over the computer and telephone.
When I met Dakota, he was extremely ill and close to death. He was a walking skeleton with matted, blood soaked fur and had a bad limp and was scared of grass, along with many other things. He weighed in at 32 pounds on his large frame, currently he is a healthy 65 pounds. He was severely infested with fleas, anemic, starved, he had been shot in his side by his former owners, and he was missing most of his teeth from chewing on heavy metal bars trying to free himself desperately for years. He had severe heartworms which he had to be treated for twice- two full, extremely painful treatments and he is finally rid of these horrible worms in his heart and lungs. He also had to have stomach and intestine surgery and he had three to four hundred dollar vet bills at least once a month, if not more from extreme complications for all the drugs he is on to keep the pain down until his hip operation could be safely down after he was negative for heartworms.
Dakota had his hip surgery on May 31, 2011 and I was elated. However, when his surgeon opened him up, the surgeon noticed immediately that this was not genetic hip dysplasia in this 3 and a half yr old chow. His left hip was mangled, literally destroyed, from abuse. The surgeon estimated that this abuse had been done a long time ago and was very severe and one of the worst he had ever seen. He suggested Dakota needed to have hydrotherapy to build up his leg muscles and learn to re use his leg. By this time I was clearly out of funds to get this done and extremely upset, feeling helpless and exhausting over eight thousand dollars into getting him healthy and now had nothing left for the therapy. I was at the vet visiting Dakota and crying in his kennel while he was trying to wake up from the anesthesia from the hip surgery and I received a call while I was there at the vet, it was Natasha Madison from The Canine Justice Network inquiring about Dakota and his story. They told her I was there visiting Dakota and asked her if she wanted to speak with me.
Natasha told me about Canine Justice Network and what they do and asked about Dakota and what he needed to have done and what I needed help with. Crying and half jokingly I said “What do I need? I need five hundred dollars for hydrotherapy.” Natasha said “You got it.” Just like that, someone I have never met or really talked to before, seen Dakota’s plight online and it just happened to be when I really needed a friend and an Angel to help me help Dakota. Natasha Madison and Canine Justice Network were both of those things. I cannot thank them enough for helping this needy dog regain the use of his leg that was so badly atrophied for so long and to watch him on that treadmill and swim in the pool and get stronger every time. It would not have been possible without their generosity. He is now pulling me on a leash and sleeping on that hip, something he has never done since I have rescued him until now and I owe that in part to Canine Justice Network.
God Bless the wonderful work they do and their generosity and pure hearts. I will always be a fan and have such gratitude for their sincere kindness. I look forward to meeting the staff at Canine Justice Network in August for their Third Annual Charity Ball, right after Dakota’s fourth birthday and two good hips again. Please consider donating and adopting from such a wonderful organization as Canine Justice Network. I will never forget them and will always have a special place in my heart for helping me in such a time of great need.
Patricia Ford
Sterling Heights, Michigan
July 28th, 2011

Jocelyn & Hubbell
The Stern Family & Destiny
Chance, opportunity, luck, fate, the things that let us to our newest family member Destiny or as we call her, D Dog! It started out as a favor for a friend. She was fostering a Pit Bull for Canine Justice Network. She and Canine Justice Network asked if we could take her in since she had to move out of her apartment. After meeting Destiny I said, no problem. She was a smart and loving little Pit bull with a heart of gold. She had been through some tough months after being hit by a min-van and undergoing very painful bandage changes on her back legs. She was to date the most expensive dog Canine Justice Network had ever had. Multiple trips to the vet for medications and bandage changes, thankfully she only had a couple broken toes and some very bad superficial injuries to her legs. She still had a wonderful puppy spirit and a resilient strength about her. Funny in a way once she was all healed up the Vet said that they way her broken toes had fused together; it was actually a good thing! Destiny had more stability and was able to move around even better than before the accident. She was like a little bionic puppy. As D dog made herself comfortable around our home I noticed that she brought a very positive vibe. Our 13 year old black lab, Chance was very calm and welcoming with her. Bert, our 6 year old Golden Retriever, was friendly and almost protective of her. My two children 11 and 13 years old fell in love with her instantly. After many months of trying to find D a home of her own, Canine Justice Network even had Destiny on The Dog Whisperer’s, Cesar Milan’s website in December as one of the 12 dogs of Christmas! Yet still no luck finding her the right family. We started to think about adopting her ourselves. We weren’t looking for another dog, but apparently a dog was looking for us! I had fallen for D just as much as the kids and other dogs had and I couldn’t imagine someone else taking her. So we fully adopted her and made her a permanent member of the family. D dog has brought about a balance and energy to our home that I didn’t realize was missing. She also has given me an avenue to educate friends and family about the Pit bull breed. She is very intelligent and loving along with playful and friendly. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her.
The Stern Family
Colerain, Ohio
July 17th, 2011

Jocelyn & Hubbell
Jocelyn & Hubbell
I had asked Natasha and Debbie from Canine Justice Network to keep an eye out for a certain type of dog for me. I had been looking for the perfect dog for over 7 months. They got to know me enough to know what I could and couldn't handle and what I was truly able to take in. I met a little Chihuahua mix puppy named Pedro, (I changed it to Hubbell) in September 2010. He was being fostered out due to a previous owner’s lack of commitment upon becoming ill with Parvo. Dr. Jodi Duff, from Grady Veterinary Hospital saved his life and Canine Justice Network made it so we would meet.
Canine Justice Network helped me prepare by watching videos and giving me lessons on what to expect from a puppy. When Hubbell and I met it was love at first sight and has been a true blessing ever since! He is the best puppy and can't even think of a life without him! Thanks Canine Justice Network for helping me find Hubbell!
Jocelyn Voyles
Mt. Lookout, Ohio
October 28, 2010

Lynn & Lilly
Lynn & Lilly
Had I not found Natasha and Debbie of Canine Justice Network and their adoption and Homeless Dog Matchmaking Service, I would not have my beautiful and loving pit bull, Lilly. I found Canine Justice Network on PetFinder.com when I was searching for a dog after saying goodbye to my 14-year-old Dalmatian. I already knew I wanted a pit bull because two friends have Pit Bull mixes that are extremely sweet and good natured. I saw many, many beautiful Pit Bulls on PetFinder for adoption. However, because I knew that they are banned in certain parts of Cincinnati, I called CJN for clarification as I saw they seem to specialize in Pit Bull adoption and, coincidentally, they are in my neighborhood of Wyoming. When Natasha informed me that Pit Bulls are allowed in Wyoming, I told her that I was looking for a young adult dog who is sweet, gentle and gets along great with people and dogs. Natasha was fostering an adorable dog who was not a Pit Bull and I insisted on meeting him to see if there was chemistry. Natasha arranged for a home visit and Debbie brought the dog to me but unfortunately it was not a great match. However, Natasha really listened to me and was in tune with what I was looking for, and that’s when she told me about Lilly, who was being housed by the Animal Adoption Foundation (AAF), a local no-kill shelter. I saw Lilly on their website and immediately wanted to meet her. I took a friend with me who happened to be skeptical about this breed. At AAF, we took Lilly out and played in a fenced area. She was so happy to be out and playing, she was pure joy. Back inside, she was very calm and very friendly with the other dogs and whoever walked through the door. There was no doubt I had found my new buddy. At the end of the play session, when my friend said “even I would adopt her,” I thought “yay, another convert!” The staff at AAF is fantastic and even put me in touch with a veterinarian who had fostered Lilly for a while so I could learn more about her personality and quirks. Taking her home was a breeze as she was already spayed, microchipped and up to date on her shots. Natasha and Debbie came over recently to meet Lilly and Natasha gave me some very useful training tips. I saw that they are committed to doing what’s very best for any dog they help place and the new owner.
Lilly has been with me for a month now and makes me laugh every day, and I marvel at her resiliency and unconditional love. She loves to cuddle and I’ve nicknamed her “Spud” because she’s such a couch potato. She has blended seamlessly into my group of friends and their young children and dogs who are frequently in my house. When we walk, she’s been friendly with every new dog we’ve met and her social calendar is pretty full with play dates. Lilly has helped heal the huge hole in my heart that my Dalmatian left. People tell me Lilly is lucky to have such a good home, but I know I’m the luckier one. Many thanks to Canine Justice Network and the fantastic work they do!
Lynn Pennington
Wyoming, Ohio
August 10, 2010

Beth & Olly
Beth & Olly
I really wasn’t looking to add another dog to my crew but when Natasha called practically begging me to foster Olly, all it took was one look at her picture for me to say yes. I thought my male GSD, Shelby, would like a playmate and I thought Olly would be a good playmate for him.
It wasn’t all smooth sailing but Olly soon settled in and really hit it off with Shelby and my male doxie mix, Charlie. They’ve all become great playmates. They run, wrestle and play and are quite vocal about it. Apparently, Olly can play harder when she barks louder.
As Olly was settling in and becoming a part of my crew, there were no applications coming in for her. I’ll never understand why. After a while, it was to the point that even if an application had come in for her I doubt I would’ve been able to let her go. At that point, we decided that Olly had found her home. She’s become my snuggle partner when we take naps on weekends and gives the best kisses around.
Natasha, thank you for calling me to foster Olly. She wouldn’t be part of my life otherwise and I can’t imagine life without her. It would be boring and way too quiet without her beautiful smiling face, big kisses and boundless energy. Natasha and CJN – you guys are awesome. Thanks for all that you do and thank you for bringing Olly into my life.
Beth Reis
West Side, Cincinnati
July 31, 2010

The Taylor Family & Kane
We are the Taylor family and we found Canine Justice Network on Pet Finder when we were searching for a new dog.  We knew we wanted a large breed dog, a male and a younger puppy so he could grow up with Roxy our  1 ½ yr old black lab (also a rescue).  We searched Pet Finder everyday to find just the right puppy and then we saw him – a brindle Mastiff/Cane Corso mix that Canine Justice Network (CJN) had rescued.   His story was so sad – he was due to be killed by the shelter because they thought he was a pit bull and he had some health problems.  CJN nursed him back to health and now he was looking for his forever home.  We knew we found our puppy!
CJN was wonderful to work with and the adoption process was very easy.  I have adopted many dogs, but this was the first organization that required a home visit.  That was actually great because it gave us a chance to meet them, they met us, they met our family and we talked about the type of dog that would best fit into our home.  Then we got to meet Kane.  He was so adorable!  What a face and what a personality.  He is the sweetest little boy and is wonderful with both the kids and Roxy. 
The best part about CJN is they foster the dogs, so they receive training and they are socialized.  Plus, they have great vet care (dogs/puppies get their shots, they get neutered, etc.).   I would highly recommend CJN.  They are a wonderful group of people who really care about the dogs and they work hard to find them the right home.   Natasha is an angel who saved Kane’s life.  He has given us so much joy since we got him and every time I look into that little face, I smile because we saved him and he will have a great life as a member of our family.  We cannot thank CJN enough for all they have done.  Keep up the great work ladies!
The Taylor Family
Loveland, Ohio
March 8, 2010

Frank, Erica & Gucci
My fiancée and I had been talking about getting a second dog, as a companion for our 3 year old boxer Scout, for some time now. The only thing that we had completely decided on was to adopt. We had gone to look at the SPCA, but never found the right dog for us. So we decided to wait.
One day while on facebook, which I had just joined about a month prior, I found a repost picture (from our dog trainer) of a very sweet looking tan puppy with a caption saying, “please find room in your heart for one of these puppies, two is better than one.” I immediately clicked on the photo and was disappointed. The tan puppy was a pit bull. We didn’t want a pit bull. After all they were genetically bred to be aggressive or at least that is what we thought.
We decided to fill out the adoption questionnaire anyway thinking that we would be matched with another one of the puppies they had. I sent several emails to Canine Justice Network (CJN) with questions. One of the emails I got back asked me to call. I immediately called and spoke with Natasha for about an hour. I learned a great deal about pit bulls and what they were really like. We were also instructed to view a video on Hellobully.com. Everything we had thought about pit bulls was wrong. The next day we set up a meeting with CJN to meet Gucci, the tan puppy I had seen on facebook. Once we met Gucci we fell in love. After that meeting we set up the next step with CJN, the home visit. The home visit went very well, along with the introduction of Scout and Gucci. We decided to keep Gucci overnight that night to see how things would go. They went great. The next day when Gucci was picked up from her overnight we informed CJN that we wanted to go ahead with the adoption. We now have two great dogs, a boxer and a pit bull.
We have also used CJN for their behavioral rehabilitation services. Scout will bark at us and nip at our ankles sometimes in our backyard. With CJN’s help we have been taught techniques on how to assert our pack leadership and reclaim the backyard. Things aren’t perfect yet, but we are confident they will be with the techniques taught to us.
Thank you CJN!
Frank Palmisano & Erica Stewart
Green Township, Ohio
January 31, 2010

The Morehouse Family & Aspen
For years we have wanted to bring a dog into our family but could not due to my son's allergies.  He was often around dogs and we began to notice that he was having fewer reactions so we decided to make the leap.  Through a friend, we learned of Aspen, an adorable Dalmatian/bully mix rescued by the Canine Justice Network.  After a few phone calls with Natasha of CJN and filling out an application, they did a home visit and approved an overnight just to see how things would go.  Well, that overnight never ended and we now have a fantastic new family member that all of us love dearly.  Even our stubborn old cat seems to have taken an interest in her and can often be found lying nearby.  Natasha told us the wonderful things Aspen's foster family had said about her and they were all true.  They are a very devoted group and were great to work with. Thank you Canine Justice Network.
Chris & Leslie Morehouse
Batavia, Ohio
November 27, 2009

Alfie, Tiger, Gucci & Beckham
CJN first learned the story of an adorable boxer mix pup named Tiger John. He was trapped in a high kill shelter in South Eastern Tennessee. Only 4 months old and with a bad eye infection, his time was running out. CJN made contact with the shelter and were told us he was being adopted. But they mentioned that they had 2 Pit Bull puppies that needed rescue. So luckily having 2 open foster homes, CJN’s Executive Director Sean Cook, made the 5 hour drive down to Tennessee to pick up the 2 young puppies. When getting them he noticed that they were extremely malnourished and dehydrated. They were immediately seen by a veterinarian and received IV fluids and prescription food. After being fostered for a couple days by CJN’s friend Jennifer Potts, they were then handed over to Natasha & Debbie of CJN to take over full foster. They are doing much better now and will be ready for their own home in a few months. Look for their story here soon!
While rescuing Gucci & Beckham (the pit pups new names), Natasha found out that Tiger John was in fact not adopted from the shelter. She also found out that there was one more little Pit Bull puppy left behind still at the shelter. So CJN’s Secretary Mindy Robey made the trip back to Tennessee to pick up Tiger John and the last Pit pup. She then drove them half way to Pittsburgh where another of CJN’s fellow rescuer & supporter Jennifer Bird lives. She runs an all breed rescue called Furkids. She opted to take in Tiger & the very underweight Pit pup, now named Alfie. Jennifer has already found Tiger a home and Alfie will be available for adoption shortly. Thanks to all for such a great team effort!! Saving 4 dogs lives in less than a week is beyond outstanding work!
CJN Family
November 2009

Teresa, Steve & Harley
Hi, my name is Teresa. I'm sure most of you have read the story of me and Hope. How I agreed to just foster her and her litter of pups for 8 weeks and that was it. But of course I fell in love with her and decided to keep her. All of her pups were adopted except for 1 (Harley) and I have been his foster mom for 6 months now. Actually he was my least favorite of the bunch and many times I'd think "I can't wait to find a home for him", especially through the chewing and house training stage! Well I knew this day would come, I just didn't know how I would react. I got the call last night to say they had found Harley a good home. But instead of being happy, I was really sad. He's been with me for 6 months and well I just don't want to see him go (especially since we've gotten through the worst of the puppy stage). So me and my boyfriend of 3 years Steve, sat down to talk about it, but it wasn't a talk at all, we both agreed immediately that we wanted Harley to stay. So I'm glad to say that we have a forever home for Harley. And by the way Hope is happy too!  Like I said in my last letter, to anyone looking for a pet, please consider adopting one or even being a foster person. Thanks again Canine Justice Network.
Teresa and Steve
Harrison, Ohio
September 23, 2009

Sandy, Lowell & Muncie (formerly Sally)
We have a wonderful new dog named Muncie. Through the hard work and persistence of Natasha D. Madison of Canine Justice Network, another friend has been added to our family.
We had been rather unsuccessful using the traditional online and local resource agencies to find a pet that met our requirements.
We began to ask others for assistance and one day a clerk at the Petsmart store in Deer Creek shopping center here in northern Cincinnati gave us Natasha’s name when we asked for some recommendations.
Almost immediately after emailing her and establishing the criteria, she began sending us possibilities that we simply had not seen before. Within a week we identified Muncie as the distinct possibility and made contact with the Animal Rescue Fund Agency in Muncie, Indiana [ah now you get the name!]. We traveled to Muncie, did an interview, and drove home with the dog.
From having been kenneled for over 4 months, almost immediately we began having issues with the dog not going outside. Further more, there were issues with going to the bathroom in the house.
Not being able to resolve these, we called Natasha, she came over and within 30 minutes helped us resolve the outside and bathroom issue. Additionally the dog was so excited to see us when we came home it was almost impossible to control her excitement. Again Natasha to the rescue with her admonition of “No speak, no touch, no see” the dog when we come in the house. Worked like a charm!
Only one more time did we call Natasha and she came over shortly. As a result of her suggestion we now have a night time open wire sleeping cage in our bedroom, use treats for doing good stuff and use a chain collar when walking the dog for correction.
We are not sure who is better Muncie our new dog or Natasha the dog miracle worker.
Sandy and Lowell Bowie
Montgomery, Ohio
August 29, 2009

Teresa & Hope
After my pit bull of 13 years became sick and had to be put down, I knew I wanted another dog but was going to take my time looking. I actually was going to buy one when I thought how nice it would be to adopt one. So I started looking online and in shelters. I had only been looking a couple of weeks when someone gave me the Canine Justice Network website. Immediately we started talking and I went from "just looking" to becoming a foster mom to a female pit bull (Hope) and her litter of puppies! I agreed to take care of them until they were weaned and ready for adoption. Hope had been abused and neglected with scars all over her and a rack of bones. She had 8 pups but only 4 survived. They are now almost 5 months old and all have been adopted into loving homes except 1 (Harley). Since then I have fallen in love with Hope and decided to keep her. She is such a good sweet lovable dog. She came to me with her head hanging down and her tail between her legs and now her head is up and her tail wags nonstop! It makes me feel good to know that she is happy and healthy and will never be abused again! I'm sure we were meant to be together because we found each other at just the right time! This is the first time I have ever fostered or adopted and sure it won't be the last. I wish everyone would consider finding there pet this way! Thank you, Natasha at Canine Justice Network.
Teresa Hellweg
August 1, 2009

The Dowty Family & Ruby (Hope’s pup)
Ruby - The New Love of Our Lives . . . We lost our dog a couple months ago and our family is very much a dog loving family.  When we were ready, our mission was to find a puppy in a rescue type of situation that would love children and our home.  So we hopped on line to begin our research in July.  We were specifically looking for a couple of breeds:  Labs and/or pit bull terriers. In researching we found
www.adoptapet.com, and saw pictures and bios of the most adorable puppies and dogs you could ever imagine.  One that stood out right away was the picture and bio of ‘Ruby’. We placed the call to Natasha of Canine Justice Network and set up an appointment to meet that same week.  Don, Samantha and I had a vacation planned the last week of July so we wanted to make it very clear from the get-go that officially adopting Ruby before then would be difficult. Natasha was more than willing to work with us and our time lines and happily, we were able to schedule a couple of “Ruby” visits before we actually welcomed her to our home. The three of us could not be more delighted with the new member of our family.  She is adorable, sweet, well behaved and full of delightful energy. We absolutely love her and cannot imagine what life was like before Ruby came our way.
Don, Julie & Samantha
Wyoming, OH
August 2009

Mike & Rocky
I wasn’t really looking for a dog “yet” when I found out about Hope & her puppies. I went to see them several times & kept my eyes on this cute little male pup & knowing he needed to be adopted into a good home made me like him more.  I’ve had dogs most of my life but because of different circumstances I have been on my own without any pets.  So this was the ideal timing to consider taking one in.  Rocky is a great dog & has become my constant companion.  I’m really thankful we found each other this way. Thanks to Natasha at Canine Justice Network. Keep up the good work guys!
Mike Hellweg
Monfort Heights, Ohio
July 30, 2009

Sean & Lou
I am old High School friends with Natasha Madison. (Founder of CJN) When I found out she started Canine Justice Network I was very impressed! I asked her if she would be able to help me find a puppy.  I have never had a dog before and she knew this, so she immediately began teaching me all about puppies, vet care, the importance of walks etc.  Within a couple days she found a puppy for me that she hand picked from Hope's litter. (Hope's story is also found on here as well)  I met the little guy when he was only 5 weeks old.  I named him Lou and fell in love.  At the time I was unable to adopt him right away as I was moving from a small apartment into a large condo.  So Natasha and Debbie fostered Lou for me for a month.  During that time Natasha lent me numerous materials on dog psychology, how to care for a new dog etc.  It was a great learning experience and really helped me once I was able to finally bring Lou into our new home.  The experience was such a positive one that I began working for CJN as the Executive Director for a year until I got married and had my first child. Now I Volunteer to help with different fundraisers. I couldn't be happier to have Lou in my life.  Everyone should adopt a dog through CJN!

Sean Cook
Canine Justice Network
Loveland, Ohio
June 14, 2009

Debbie, Jerry & Parker
When we began a long and eventful journey to find a new pet for our family, little did we know that we would find a new pet, new friends, and a new cause all at one time.  Natasha and the Canine Justice Network entered our lives.  We wanted a very specific pet for our family.  We wanted a non-shedding, small dog.  We needed help.  Natasha offered her help and much more.  Her passion to help mistreated, neglected and homeless dogs was contagious.  She worked tirelessly to find just the right pet for us.  She never gave up.  She finally found Parker.  Once we saw his picture we knew he was the one for us.
After visiting my Dad in Lawrenceburg Indiana we decided to stop at the casino in town.  This is a rare and odd thing for us to do.  We are not spur of the moment people.  After spending a little time and money on two cent machines we decided to leave.  On the way out the door my husband put his last three dollars in a dollar machine and I put my last $20.00 in the machine next to him.  Understand that this is extremely unusual for us.  My machine began to pay off a little at a time.  $10.00 here, $20.00 there.  I began talking to the machine telling it I needed “puppy money”.  In just a few minutes I had just enough to pay for Parker.  Our new life adventure was about to begin.
Parker was in a rescue in Greenfield Indiana.  After continuous calls to the rescue and getting no answer we decided to take a trip to the rescue ourselves.  So address in hand we left for Greenfield.  The address was a package store like UPS.  There was no rescue, just a post office box.  But all was not lost.  Through people at the package store helping us make connections, we were able to meet Parker.  It was love at first sight.  There were more than 100 emails, calls and requests for adoption of Parker.  But through God’s blessing and Natasha’s hard work we were chosen to adopt Parker right then and there.
It has been a joy to have a new puppy in our home.  We will forever be grateful to Natasha and the Canine Justice Network for their patience, support, and love given to us through our search.
May God bless her and the good work she does.
Debbie, Jerry and Parker Pohlman
Harrison, Ohio
March 25, 2009

The Simmons Family & Tucker (formerly known as Scrappy)
Hello, my name is Tricia and my husband Todd and I have two boys ages 8 and 11.  We also have a 12yr old Yorkshire terrier.  We have talked about getting another dog that would be suited to play and interact with active, energetic boys.  We are both lifetime animal lovers and we knew we were going to adopt from a shelter.We found Canine Justice Network and started correspondence with Natasha Madison.  We had very specific things we were looking for in a new family member.  We had several conversations about age, size, and energy.  These things were very important to us, especially due to our other dog.  We had many concerns about how our older, smaller dog would adjust to a bigger puppy.  Natasha was so wonderful, assuring us she could find what we wanted and if issues with our other dog became a problem she would be there for us and could help us with a solution.  She sent us pictures of different pups.  Natasha then sent us pictures and even a video of “Scrappy”.  She even went to Kentucky to meet him!  As soon as she did she knew he was the one for us.
Canine Justice Network worked really hard for us and for “Scrappy”.  We got to meet this sweet boy and so did our Yorkie, which was so helpful.  Natasha set up several “play dates” for the dogs so we knew it would work.  December 25th it became official and Santa surprised our boys with this special puppy.  He is playful, sweet, and ready to learn.  Our Family has named him Tucker.  He is attending obedience school and is doing great.  What we love the most about him is he is pretty easy going.  He can snuggle up to watch a movie and he also likes to romp and play.  He is also turning out to be a great jogging companion!
We really appreciate all that Canine Justice Network did for us.  Tucker is a great addition to our Family.  We found out that Tucker was from a Kill Shelter and would have been euthanized.  There are so many animals in these shelters just waiting for their forever families.  It is so good to know that Canine Justice Network is working hard to help these dogs.
Thank You Canine Justice Network for your oversized hearts, dedication, and love for canines.
The Simmons family
Liberty Township, Ohio
February 24, 2009

Carolyn, Josh & Loki (formerly known as Chance)
Josh and I had been talking about getting a dog “someday” for a few months before we finally decided to just go for it. One of the things we both wanted to do, however, was to adopt our pet. After all that I’ve heard about puppy mills and the numbers of animals in shelters, this was the only way to really go in my opinion. We started our search late one night just browsing through different websites. We’d probably looked at about 6 or 7 of these sites before finally stumbling upon CanineJusticeNetwork.com. I liked what I saw in the website so I decided to go ahead and fill out an application. Before I went to bed that night, I had already received an email from the founder, Natasha Madison. And so began our search for our pet!
Over the next few days I remained in contact with Natasha and she forwarded me about 5 pictures of puppies with brief comments about each dog. It was extremely helpful to have someone always there helping me look for the perfect pet and answering any questions I had. After the third e-mail, Josh and I decided to go visit a little guy named Chance. We live in Dayton, OH and Chance was located at a kill shelter in Pendleton County, Kentucky. So after I got off work, Josh and I made the two hour drive to the shelter to see Chance.
When we walked into the shelter, I noticed about 10 other dogs, all of which were just barking their heads off…all but Chance! Our little pup just sat there in the middle of his cage staring at us. When his cage was opened he walked right up to us, sniffing and licking our hands. He was a little timid, but so friendly and I knew immediately he would be the dog for us. After about 5 minutes we told the man at the shelter that we would love to take him home. When Natasha called later to confirm that Loki was indeed from a kill shelter, it was such an amazing feeling knowing that I just saved this sweet little puppy’s life.
Now, even though Josh grew up with dogs, I have never actually had a dog myself. And never in my life could I have imagined a better dog than Loki (the new name Chance goes by!). He is always so playful and full of energy…but when it’s time to calm down a little bit, he loves to jump up on the couch and cuddle with us. And he is just so smart! We’ve had him about 3 weeks and we’ve already got him almost completely house trained! We’ve also taught him how to sit, lay down, and stand. It is so enjoyable to be able to come home and have such a warm welcome from the little guy and then be able to play with him the rest of the night.
Again, thank you SO MUCH for all of your help!  I never would have found Loki without you…and boy would my life have been deprived! 
Carolyn & Josh
Dayton, Ohio
January 21, 2009

Chico’s Story: The first life I ever saved
What makes Chico’s story so great is not that it’s unique. In fact his story is like lots of other dogs. With one exception, he is alive. That’s what makes his story so great.
I first learned of Chico in July, 2008. We were getting ready for our summer vacation. I saw a picture of a beautiful Pit Bull/Boxer mix. He reminded me so much of our dog Tyson. I called the shelter to find out more about him. What they told me gave me chills. He was going to be killed in the gas chamber in one week if he didn’t find a home. I immediately felt my heart drop. I asked why? Why would you kill such a sweet, innocent creature? What was his crime? The answer sickened me more. The lady told me that Chico’s owner turned him into the shelter because he barked at the meter man and scared him. “That’s it? That is a crime punishable by death”! I was infuriated. Since he was obviously not a threat I asked, “Then why do you have to kill him?” She replied, “We don’t have any room for him.” This is what goes on at shelters all over the country. So many dogs, so few shelters, so they euthanize.
I made it a mission to try to find Chico a home. I had postings all over the internet. Five days in I had absolutely nothing to go on. I felt very alone and helpless. I was starting to imagine the shelter workers getting Chico out of his cage for his “dead man walking” trip to the inevitable gas chamber. Or Chamber of horrors as I sometimes refer to it. The image absolutely plagued my thoughts. At a few points in that torturous week I felt like I would go mad every time I thought about it. Two days left to Chico’s execution I had a lead. A young man had called after seeing one of the postings online. Here was the problem, Chico wasn’t yet fixed and he already had a female Pit Bull that was not fixed either. Plus this gentleman told me that his female Pit was already over bred at eighteen months old. I had to say no. It was a hard decision either way you look at it. I could save Chico, and he would most likely breed with the other dog and have a litter. And then that litter of pups would probably end up in a shelter. Or, I could say no like I did and just pray a miracle would happen.
On July 8th, 2008, I was pretty hopeless. I had no home for Chico and it was the night before he was to be killed. I went outside close to midnight that night just to get some air. My neighbor was outside sitting on his porch strumming his guitar. I don’t know why exactly but I just kind of felt myself walk over to him. I should say at this point I had never spoken to him, other than the usual neighborly “Hi”, in the morning.
I took a final chance and told him about Chico. He made a couple calls and BOOM! I had a foster home for Chico! Not just any foster home either. A full farm with several acres, fenced in and other dogs for him to play with. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was so happy. I gave my neighbor a huge hug then ran back home and furiously emailed the shelter. “DON”T KILL CHICO!!!” That is what the emails said. I was determined to get there before judgment hour of nine a.m. The shelter that had Chico was three hours one way from our house. We had to work that day too. We set our alarms and woke up at five a.m. to head out. As we drove through the hills and back country of southeastern Ohio, I started to feel nervous. Like how a young girl would feel on her way to meet her date for the first time.When we arrived at the shelter I looked at the clock. To my amazement, it was 8:55 a.m. Chico was supposed to be gassed in 5 minutes exactly.
That wasn’t what happened though. I paid the lady the twelve dollars for Chico’s state license fee and then he was released to me! He was SAVED! Thank you God. I was so grateful for life at that second. The feeling was beyond words. Chico certainly seemed as if he knew exactly what had just happened. He cheated death. I think he knew I saved him. He was so friendly and wouldn’t stop licking me the entire 3 hours back home. He knew. His gratitude was very clear.  
Chico ended up getting a permanent home that day as well. The neighbors to his foster home in Indiana saw him that day and fell in love. Chico had come a long way that July day. From death row dog in Southeastern Ohio to home at last on an Indiana farm! I am forever indebted to Chico. He gave me the strength and hope to realize that I too can save a life. I will always cherish him for that. He is a big part of why I do what I do. Here is a link to the video we took when we met Chico at the shelter for the first time:
Natasha Madison
Canine Justice Network
July 8, 2008

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